Viktoria Romanova was born in Kharkov, Ukraine and grew up in Khabarovsk, USSR. Since her early age Viktoria was interested in fine art and music. Painting and drawing were everyday activities and she always wanted to be an artist. She received a B.F.A. from Art and Graphic Department of Pedagogical University of Khabarovsk in 1995. Her teaching career began in 1992 where she founded and operated a private art school “Rainbow” for children and young adults. In 2002, Viktoria moved to the United States where she had a chance to study her passion - Color. Between the years of 2009 - 2016, she studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA where she mainly  focused on  “Color and Light “ and “Color Composition."  While there, she completed a large project for Mee Industries Inc. that consists of a number of  paintings portraying urban landscapes and abstract compositions. In 2016 she start to show her artwork to the public Nationally and in 2018 Internationally. Currently  Los Angeles Art Association Gallery 825 represents her artwork.

Artist Statement:

I respond to beautiful color relationships and I am interested in a particular light key in a painting that expresses a certain mood. I work with the full palette because people see the world in the full color spectrum. Throughout the years, working with paper collages, geometry became the way to simplify shapes and to be as direct as possible. Currently, I do the same type of work, except without paper and scissors, only using oil and brushes directly on canvas. I use a thin paint application with hard edges and I eliminate texture completely in order to let the color be the main focus. The excitement of experimentation has always been a motivating force. I am not, strictly, a studio artist because in order to go deep into colors, it is important to work outdoors. I believe that only under natural light conditions the most magical color and light discoveries can be made.

Recently I started a new series of figurative work on paper " Angels and Deamons ". The street life the way it is, with some characters that you might know or met before: street musicians, beggars, thieves, mentally ill and homeless people.  This truth is not very pretty and it looks like that nothing we can do about it and that is the reason why I decided to capture those people and moments. They are black and white drawing that I do with a brush. This type of work is addressing a transition from a drawing to a painting. It is mostly linear and suggestive, but there are also some flat color masses that I like to keep for a compositional reasons. Some patterns, symbols, words and numbers are making a sense here, our streets are full of them, as well as usage of some gold, silver and glitter - it is all about celebrating our life!